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OOC: The End of the TP [Apr. 19th, 2008|03:42 pm]
The Network Beat


This will be my last post regarding the tinyplot. A variety of factors have come into play regarding my decision to just end everything now rather than try to coordinate the finale later on.

For one thing, RL is keeping me busy. Judging by the lack of responses to my coordination post, I assume that this is happening to everyone and is perfectly understable. I did not see a reason, therefore, to drag this out any longer.

The way that Caesar died was planned before the tinyplot even began. So, no, Shaymin wasn't tossed in at the last minute. I wanted him to die in a ridiculous way.

Thus, this entire thing has been drawn to a close. The Children of Lilith, leaderless, are quickly put down by frustrated trainers everywhere. The world will heal from war, everything getting back to a sense of normalcy as the months go by. A new leader for the league is elected.

Or perhaps the old man never really died. Perhaps he simply retired with a lot of smoke, mirrors and possible alien intervention.

Like Elvis!

Just the same, that's it, folks. I hope it was at least a little fun.

(And yes, before anyone asks, the method that I chose to close out the TP - both in plot context and medium, i.e. making a post, was approved by Jax.)